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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 29, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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for the international nation station explodes just after lift off. then the francis effect for you. this morning the pope weighing in on the evolution versus creationism debate and what he said just might surprise you. this is "way too early" live in ohio! ♪ ♪ we're making it happen. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. it's wednesday, october 29th. look at the beautiful place! welcome to way too early! we're live on the campus of the ohio state university for today's middle market summit hosted by ohio state and ge capital. we're happy to be here. mid western hospitality is the best. we're going to talk more about what we're learning while we are here. we want to get to the top stories. we begin with the u.s. efforts to fight ebola. in a few hours president obama
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will meet with health care wo workers who are trying to contain the deadly virus. he's speaking out to criticize states that enacted tough quarantine rules. president obama said we need to support those who travel to ebola infected countries. >> we need to make sure that we understand that they're doing god's work over there. they're doing that to keep us safe. we don't just react based on our fears. we react based on facts and judgment and making smart decisions. that's how we have built this country and sustained this country and protected this country. but the president said the same rule don't apply to members of the u.s. military who are returning from west africa. he says that's because they're on missioned and used to the restrictive commissions. it comes as joint chiefs
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chairman general martin dempsey issued a mandatory 21-day quarantine for those coming back from ebola infected countries. state officials in maine said they'll pursue legal action if necessary to enforce a home quarantine for kaci hickox. chris christie is taking some of his toughest language yet to take on the cdc and those criticizing hickox story. >> they're saying they can't on public transportation and would like them to work from home. it sounds like a quarantine to me. >> looks like you'll have to defend it in court. >> whatever. get in line i've been sued a lot of times before. i'm happy to take you on. >> do you have any -- the tent was inside a hospital. it's called an isolation tent because she needed to be isol e isolated because she was suspected of having ebola. the cdc offenwas on the ground
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monitoring the situation. she was in all kinds of malarkey about this. she was inside the hospital in a climate controlled area with access to her cell phone, internet, and take out food from some of the best restaurants in newark. she was doing just fine. a new poll finds 54% of americans approve of the federal government's response to ebola. and more than 70. % are confident that the government can prevent a nationwide ebola epidemic. the second dallas nurse who had ebola is waking up in dallas. amber vinson was released after tests showed she was free of the deadly virus. the 29-year-old attended an emotional press conference along with health care workers that treated her. she thanked them and said she feels lucky to be alive. >> i'm grateful to be well. and first and foremost, i want to thank god.
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i sincerely believe that with god all things are possible. while the skill and dedication of the doctors, nurses, and others who are taken care of me have obviously led to my recovery, it's been god's love that has truly carried my family and me through the difficult time and played such an important role in giving me hope and the strength to fight. >> the nbc affiliate in dallas reports that vitaminson will be staying at texas health presbyterian dollars for the next few days. her mom and fiancè are being monitored in isolation for possible signs of ebola. there is dramatic video this morning of an unmanned rocket exploded just seconds after taking off for the international space station. >> and we have lift off.
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the 14-story high commercial rocket was carrying more than 5,000 pounds of supplies for the international space station. the explosion could be seen miles away from have a. that video shows the view from a cessna plane that was flying 3,000 feet high. luckily the company said no one on the ground was hurt. >> it's a tough time to lose a launch vehicle like this and the paylo payload. not as tragic as losing a life associated with it. we're happy to report there were no injuries and safe guards in flight and on the ground worked as they should have. all we lost is hardware. something went wrong and we'll find out what it is. we'll determine the root cause and correct it. >> this is the first accident since nasa began using private companies for international space station deliveries.
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propose francis is back in the headlines in time weighing in on evolution versus creationism. in a speak on tuesday the pope declared evolution and the big bang theory to be real and not an opposition to creationism say, quote, the big bang that today is considered to be the origin of the world doesn't contradict the creative intervention of god. evolution in nature is not in contrast with the notion of divine creation because evolution requires the creation of the beings that evolve. the pontiff went on to say god is not a -- all right. so pope francis, once again, getting headlines and really making us all think. we turn our attention back to politics. lane week to go until the
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midterm election, the momentum appears to be with the republicans. a new abc news washington post poll reveals that americans expect the gop to take control of the senate by a margin of 13 points. surrogates are flocking to keep battleground states including colorado. bill clinton was there on tuesday to help mark udall hold on to the seat. jeb bush heads there tonight and governor christie drops in thursday for cory gardener. and both sides have used women's health issues as a wedge and clinton didn't mince words it came to gardener. >> i thought i would die when i read this. senator udall had overemphasized the social issues. he didn't say he was for the personhood amendment to basically take away a woman's right to choose. so he his opponent who is an attractive guy said i'm not for that anymore. everything is all right. i'm okay on letting women bacon
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that acceptives. hello, that's been legal for several decades now. like i said -- there's a pretty little standard for what counts as moderate in a republican party. >> a mixed story in kansas. a poll from the nbc affiliate shows orrman leading pat roberts. yesterday roberts received a cheer when romney called on bob dole. he took that opportunity to take a jab at the president. he reflected on the midterms in an interview on morning joe. >> a vote for greg orrman is a vote for barack obama. america should not make that mistake three times. let's make sure and vote for pat
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roberts. >> everything is about 2014 right now. all right. everything is about getting more senates elected from my party so question have a house and a senate that can pass bills. >> do you think that will happen? >> i do. it's hard to predict. we'll pick up a lot of seats. do we get the majority or not? i don't know. if we do, we'll end gridlock because we'll pass bills. and they will go to the president's desk and he'll either veto them or sign them and things will happen with regards to energy, education, immigration, these things will finally be dealt with and there will be a law passed. more of that interview coming up on morning joe. in wisconsin president obama joined forces with mary burke who is trying to unseat republican scott walker. >> in 2012 republicans here in wisconsin repealed a statewide fair pay law. now think about that. just like i don't understand why
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somebody would be against somebody having health insurance. i don't understand why would you want to repeal a law to make sure that women are treated fairley fai fairly on the job? that's your plan for it? that's your agenda? earlier this year -- it don't make no sense. >> there are new allegations of prostitution for the secret service. the new york times is reporting the investigator who lead the internal review of the 2012 prostitution scandal in colombia resigned after he was implicated in a separate incident. local reports in florida reportedly saw david kneeland leaving a building under a prostitution sting and a sex worker claimed he paid her for sex. he denied the allegations and has never been charged with a crime. he did resign. it was cramming now
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throttling. the federal government is acc e accusing at&t of misleading the customers. steve joins us live from london. i understand it involves smartpho smartphone customers and the customers with data plans that were supposed to be unlimited that are on the short end of this. >> unlimited apparently didn't mean unlimited. it meant unlimited but you couldn't download anything because you were slowed up. in is what at&t did after a quarter of their customers according to the federal trade commissions. at&t told customers if they went over 2 gig they would be slowed down but the fcc is accusing them of misleading and not being specific enough about how much they would be slowed down. look at this, in many cases in 3.5 million cases they were slowed down more than 25 million occasions it was a 95% slower many times. at&t said the charge were baseless and have been completely transparent with
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dealing with customers. big slow down on the speed there on the unlimited packages. >> and let's talk about this. because we're here in ohio at the ohio state university, steve. this just as governor john cay sick makes an announcement about the investment in the state. >> the columbus dispatchers got the story. the governor was asked about this specific deal he said yes, amazon is coming with the new data center to ohio. it's a $1.1 billion investment. could be made over three years. will create 120 jobs and they're pretty high paying jobs. average salary of $80,000. ohio has already lower than the national average on unemployment rate. it's the 16th lowest unemployment rate in the nation as well. it's a big endorsement for ohio, if indeed it comes through. i have to say amazon, so far,
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has declined to comment on the situation. >> we'll continue to pay attention to this and see how it unfolds. still ahead. it comes down to tonight after the royals crush the giants to tie the world series at 3-3. did you watch the game? will the title come down to home team advantage? i mean, the royals really gave the giants a whopping. plus amateur hour. wait until you hear this store clerk describe a run in with a 14-year-old would be robber. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. i was waiting for her to tell me the story? i should have probably kept talking, jen. i should have kept talking. we're at the ohio state university! big applause! back in a minute.
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but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter. welcome back everybody. it's time for sports. and the major league world series. if you thought the royals would give it up in six you were dead wrong. this was one to watch. kansas city scoring 7 runs on eight hits in the second inning leaving the rest up to the starting pitcher pitching with the initials of the late st. louis outfielder oscar tav ras on his cap. the royals shut out the giants 10--0. they set up the winner take all
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finale. the world series will be held tonight in kansas city. the home team won -- this is just amazing. one series that we will take for the record books. obviously they is gone back and forth. it bring us to the twitter question. give us your prediggss. who will win the world series and why. tweet us the most creative answers using #waytooearly. right now it is kansas city. it looks like they have the advantage. the college play off committee released the first rankings. mississippi state, auburn, and florida state out of the acc at number two. ohio state lands at 16. the selection committee will pick the four teams to play in the national semifinals and set the matchups for the other big new year's day bowl games that are part of the play off rotation.
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so now let's check on your weather. we'll go back to new york. nbc meteorologist is standing by. did you see brutus, bill? >> i did not. >> i tweeted you in. >> brutus the buckeye is respectful. he laughs at all his jokes. >> it's a lot different here. thomas, those people in ohio including ohio state halloween is going to be iffy. it could be cold and maybe even snowing. we have some rain coming for you in atlanta this morning. also, eventually d.c., new york, and philly. some passing showers. no at lot of airport delays. kansas city no problems. it will be a little cool but still beautiful baseball weather for this time of year. into thursday quiet day across the country. the changes start coming down from the north. notice that 37 degrees there in northern minnesota? that cold air plunges down
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through the great lakes on halloween. right into the ohio valley. only a high of 43 in chicago. and windy for halloween. it's going to be cold for the kids all the ghosts and goblins running around. we could see snow as far south as kentucky come friday night. all of that mess will try to make the way through the east coast as we go through the weekend and, thomas, our friends in the appalachians are going to get snow it looks like saturday and up in maine they could get a full blown snowstorm come sunday. times are changing. there in ohio, enjoy the warmth while lasts. >> brutus said he's ready for whatever you have to offer, bill. he's prepared. it looks like kansas city might do this thing. you've been a big fan of theres. >> i have. i think brew ties has a bigger hat size than you. which i didn't think was possible. >> can you imagine that? if i hold my finger up like this do we look like twins? coming up they'll be here live at the ohio state
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university! and with we showed you a little bit of a preview. they have the exclusive inter interview with former presidential candidate mitt romney. what he thinks about about hour state of the union and the prediction for the midterms. first the bag up job. we'll huddle around the water cooler with the college student's marriage proposal was just about as bad as it gets. much more from ohio state university right after this . transferred money from his before larry instantly bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business
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earlier in the show we told you the world series is heading to game seven after the royals shut out the giants 10-0. giants have never won the final game of a world series. what is worse in all of this. three of the four losses in the deciding game were by just one run. the royals on the other hand, won their only world series game seven back in 1981. one to watch tonight. i want to get to your twitter responses. your question was about the world series. is it going to be kansas city or the giants? the predictions. let's go back to new york our producer has been cure ragather
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best responses. >> our friend ayden said i want the royals to win so the orioles are in in vain. >> i'm going that way, too. >> the royals have put on a show. experience beats home field advantage. we'll see. >> yeah. if anybody was in doubt about how great the world series would be. both teams have really shut the people down. thank so much. we turn our attention to the cooler and one of the most bizarre robbery attempts we've seen in a long time. the suspect a 14-year-old boy. the clerk said he walked into the store with a mask and zero sense of urgency. and at one point he sat down waiting patiently for customers to leave before making his move. >> i'm all like get back, get back, you know! and i saw him -- i seen him coming. i decided to get on the counter like this and i'm like no, man. no. stop! then i jumped down here like
2:56 am
this and i'm still like this running to the cooler. >> the lady came running to the cooler and said she was being robbed. asked if i could help. >> wow! the counter makes her bigger. she's pretty petite to begin with. the beer delivery guy emerges from the back to save the day in this. it was a tag team match. something tells me the clerk would have been just fine with the shocking stick she had. you heard that thing? to a beautiful marriage proposal. everything that could go wrong did go wrong. it comes from the daily mail. it was a chinese college student intended to pop the question with the authenticity of a lot of work here. fireworks were supposed to be shown as a backdrop. when his girlfriend forgot about their date he set them off anyway which started a fire which headed to the sports hall. the hall is covered by insurance and they're trying to figure out
2:57 am
how to punish the student. by the way, his girlfriend, you'll be happy to know, the girlfriend said yes. so yes! the girlfriend said yes but as her parents warned her to steer clear. this is a real romeo and juliet situation here. we'll keep a bead on the story and let you know if they pick a wedding date. morning joe live from the campus of the ohio state university up right after this. stick around everybody! [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® campbell's healthy request. when we're having this much fun, why quit? and bounty has no quit in it either. it's 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand, and then stays strong, so you can use less. watch how one sheet of bounty
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and we have liftoff of the target. to bring thickness on the iss. >> the engine is at 108%. >> wow, that is


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